Read a special message to Citi Alumni from CEO Michael Corbat
A Message From
Michael Corbat
Welcome to the Citi Alumni Network

Citi’s extensive global presence is unmatched among financial institutions. Our rich heritage spans over 200 years, and each of Citi’s alumni have contributed to this long and successful history.

Wherever your career may have taken you, the Citi Alumni Network provides you with an opportunity to reconnect with Citi or to strengthen existing connections with your current and former colleagues. We look forward to building long-term relationships with all of our alumni!

See what Citi Alumni Ambassador Hans Angermueller is looking forward to
A Message From
Hans Angermueller

Welcome to the Citi Alumni Network website! I am delighted to serve as Senior Alumni Ambassador. Throughout my career at Citi, I was fortunate to develop many deep relationships with my colleagues, and I continue to enjoy a global camaraderie with current and former Citi employees.

I believe the Citi Alumni Network is important to enable Alumni to reconnect with each other as well as to follow Citi’s evolution in the coming years.

I look forward to visiting with old, as well as new, friends as we launch and grow the network.

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Welcome to the
Citi Alumni Network
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The Citi Alumni Network is a meeting point where you can:
  • stay connected with Citi and your fellow alumni
  • receive relevant Citi news and read just-released Citi research
  • gain access to benefits (museums passes, sports events, or discounts)
  • find out about job opportunities at Citi
  • learn about interesting Citi Alumni events in your area
  • join Citi colleagues for charitable and other non–profit events


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